Weird and Shocking News: Woman Becomes Pregnant in the mouth With Squid Babies

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Apparently, a 63-year-old woman was ‘inseminated’ in her mouth by some squid she had eaten.The woman from South Korea, was reported to have bitten into a portion of cooked whole squid when she felt a sharp pain in her mouth. She then proceeded to spit out the offending item but was still left with a sharp stinging in her oral cavity.The woman complained to the doctors that she could feel something in her mouth. This ‘something’ turned out to be 'bug-like' organisms which doctors later identified as 'baby cephalapods.' These pods were found to be 'squid spermatophores' and the sperm sacs had implanted themselves on the woman's tongue, gums and cheek.

Eating Octopus Alive In Korea

WARNING GROSS CONTENT 18+ You probably have seen countless videos of this South Korean practice of eating octopus alive. They are plucked from a tank of water and taken directly to the table and are dropped onto a plate with sesame oil and sometimes torn up sheets of paper thin seaweed and left to twitch and writhe around. Why eat live octopus? Well according to South Koreans, the sensation of tiny suckers on the inside of your mouth is far more sensuous and pleasing than the actual taste and texture of the octopus. Some views claim that "It's not cruelty, it's food. All food that was once an animal had to die at one point." Others however find it simply distasteful, saying "that is kinda gross"

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