Mother taught puppy stay aware and fight cobra or similar poisonous snake.
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Beatle - 53 months ago
Every Picture Tells a Story, The Mother Dog found a cobra which was moving towards puppies and stopped it. After an hour-long fight, the mother apparently took the cobra in its mouth and threw it away.

A new born or less than 3 months puppy will not aware of Cobra or similar poisonous snake. However, puppies would be taught to stay aware and fight cobra or similar poisonous snake while growing up. Almost every adult dog aware that snakes are poisonous, they have been taught while watching their mother or elder dogs fighting snake and they haven been taught in a way to stay alert from poisonous snakes..
This video showing how a Dog deals and fights Snake with extreme care, it seems like every dog instinctively know how to handle a poisonous snake. so I am kind of agree with Beatle's points

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