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1) you will be off the bareIf you do not undress, all the operations of the doctors will be unable to start, the baby will not be able to smoothly delivered. As a mother, the first consideration is the safety of the baby, when necessary, to sacrifice yourself. Production should have a positive attitude, do not feel insulted, do not imagine the doctor into a satyr. In fact, they help you cute baby angel come to earth.2) you will be rectal examinationThe purpose of the rectal examination before delivery is to understand the situation of the cervix, to determine the exact time of the delivery room, generally open 10 cm. The reason why the nurses repeated rectal examination, in order to more accurately understand the position of the fetus. Many mothers Palace eloquence open to two or three that would require the delivery room, which is actually good. Expectant room, accompanied by family members, a lot easier than the delivery room.Although they are usually very gentle, summarized from the asshole children can be ruthless, till I shivering. I wonder child, smelly, dirty place, how do you so love summarized or summarized once every few minutes!3) You will shave pubic hairshave pubic hair during childbirth procedure called a perineal skin preparation. Remove the pubic hair, the doctor only to facilitate the birth mothers disinfection of the perineal wound, suture. Moreover, the pubic hair is easy to breed bacteria, the fetus after the perineum may be infected, causing the disease. So, are beneficial to both mothers and your baby skin preparation. In addition, removing the pubic hair, clean perineum, a good health habits.The lower body hairy all shaved. Their own plush own shaving Fortunately, by the point chosen by one with their own "never met a stranger do it. Shaving was when people might think: how so "dense" ah? Really can die of shame!4) You will be inserted catheterdoctors inserted catheter for birth mothers is because the production process, the mothers of the bladder are oppressed, temporary loss of function, but can not recover in time and not be able to urinate. However, there are a lot of excess water to be discharged in the body after production. If you do not insert the catheter, the excess water will damage the health of new mothers, which is to help the new mother in a timely manner voiding the only way.usually pee should be running toilet, urine finished hurriedly obliterated, for fear of being seen. Now, I endured the pain of childbirth, open thighs Tubes were let other people go there, and threw out the urine was also collected, all the doctors "observe". 5) male doctor deliveredIn fact, obstetrics and gynecology male doctors have their own reasons that are hard. To be honest, a child that bloody scene with her husband do not necessarily bear. They have to endure day after day, this ugly bloody. Moreover, they up effort with female doctors than larger, more calm in dealing with unexpected situations, contribute to the delivery smooth.6) incontinenceAfter childbirth, epidural anesthesia, around the anus sphincter becomes paralysis, fecal control will be weakened. Production in bed you will have bowel movements, is defecation. However, the attitude of the doctors in this matter is very objective, and they think this is just a normal human organs movement. When the baby's head through the birth canal, the rectum becomes smooth, the inside contents would be pushed out.7) You will be enemaPregnant mothers often constipation the problems, constipation often Excretion bowel, sigmoid colon in a small top left of the pelvic cavity, and the accumulation of large amounts of waste in the intestines during delivery often affect the smooth decline and internal rotation of the fetal head, so as to obstruct the progress of the birth process. Therefore, once the labor, it should be an enema, to clear the intestinal feces, reducing the resistance of the birth canal.8) You episiotomyWhen the fetal head of approximately 10 cm in diameter, midwifery medical help to protect the perineum, then certainly there will be many new mother's perineum will occur to varying degrees of laceration; the event of a laceration will in the legacy of post-natal sequelae. Timely for episiotomy, it would not happen sequelae, and the new mother and baby are good.9) you will be shouting, no imageYou can also blame those crazy moves on the body hormone changes, estrogen and progesterone levels will be changed: the delivery process, roughly the same mode and the period before the hormone changes, so your response it and the premenstrual syndrome are very similar. If you do some moves like crazy, do not blame themselves. Doctors and nurses have become commonplace these screaming maternal.for both wife and husband being, is good to know all these and accept it.

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