Cobra safeguards 2 Puppies for 48 hours
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Beatle - 52 months ago
Cobra safeguards 2 Puppies for 48 hours

Children are like angels, this is a dedication to all the humans who ill-treat their children on the basis of their gender/in-capabilities.

This happened in Punjab, India, were two pups fell by accident into a well,while playing with other siblings. The owner of the pups found 2 puppies missing in the group and later found the mother dog barking near a shallow well. To his surprise, he found the puppies in the well along with a King Cobra. They found that the Cobra which was supposed to be a threat for all animals including Man, was actually safeguarding the little pups from not getting drowned when the pups moved towards the danger area of the well.

People who gathered around didn't have the courage to get into the well and save the pups because the snake was around. The puppies and the Snake remained in the well for 48 hrs, until the forest authority came and rescued the pups and the snake was released into the forest.
Life Is Amazing - Sometime it's hard for us to explain or understand.

Its Hard to Believe that a baby deer being protected by a Lion in Africa.
Another touching animal story: Leopard Kills Mother but Adopts Baby Baboon

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