19 Animals That Can Change Their Look Like Wizards

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Spiders that look like crabs, fish camouflaged to appear invisible, or even fish that can fly, are just some of the wonders of mother nature. Whether it’s escaping predators or courting a female, some animals have developed such extraordinary bodies and adaptations over time that they could make any plastic surgeon jealous.

We at GIGGAG have asked Mother Nature to show us some of her most transformative animals and here is the result.

16. Scorpion Fish Use Their Bright Colors To blend Into The Reef And Catch Their Prey.

Scorpaenidae (also known as scorpion fish) are a family of mostly marine fish that include many of the world’s most venomous species. These animals have bright colors that help them blend into the reef.

In winter, Arctic foxes have beautiful white coats, which allow them to blend in with the snow of the Arctic tundra. This allows arctic foxes to effectively capture prey such as hares and fish. In summer their color changes to brown. This change provides an excellent camouflage against the rocks of the Arctic tundra during that season.

The golden tortoise beetle is an insect that can change color. They change color due to particular events like meeting a mate and being touched by a human being. When mating or shaking, tortoise beetles change their color from gold to a bright red. The color change occurs due to an optical illusion.

16. Scorpion fish use their bright colors to blend into the reef and catch their prey.

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