19 Animals That Can Change Their Look Like Wizards

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Spiders that look like crabs, fish camouflaged to appear invisible, or even fish that can fly, are just some of the wonders of mother nature. Whether it’s escaping predators or courting a female, some animals have developed such extraordinary bodies and adaptations over time that they could make any plastic surgeon jealous.

We at GIGGAG have asked Mother Nature to show us some of her most transformative animals and here is the result.

12. The Stone Fish Simulates The Color Of coral And Surrounding Stones To camouflage Itself.

The Stonefish is part of the Synanceiidae family. It is dangerously poisonous and even deadly for humans. The name of the species, the stone fish, derives from its gray and mottled camouflage similar to the color of a stone. Swimmers may not notice them and inadvertently step on them, thus coming to a deadly end.

The long-nosed horned frog, also known as the Malayan horned frog or Malayan leaf frog, is a species of frog restricted to the rainforest areas of South East Asia. They are light to dark brown on their dorsal surface with varying patterns and camouflage very well with the forest floor.

Numerous morphological characteristics give the flying fish its ability to glide over the surface of the ocean. Its rigid body gives the flying fish aerodynamic advantages, increasing its speed, and improving its performance. The fish is able to increase its time spent flying by staying straight or taking advantage of the updrafts, created by a combination of aerial and oceanic currents.

Celaenia excavata, the bird dropping spider, derives its name from mimicking bird droppings to avoid predators which are comprised of mainly birds. They can be found in Australia, usually along the eastern and southern coasts.

12. The Stone fish simulates the color of coral and surrounding stones to camouflage itself.

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