19 Animals That Can Change Their Look Like Wizards

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Spiders that look like crabs, fish camouflaged to appear invisible, or even fish that can fly, are just some of the wonders of mother nature. Whether it’s escaping predators or courting a female, some animals have developed such extraordinary bodies and adaptations over time that they could make any plastic surgeon jealous.

We at GIGGAG have asked Mother Nature to show us some of her most transformative animals and here is the result.

7. The Pygmy Seahorse Changes Its Skin Color To camouflage, Frighten Predators, Communicate Their Emotions, And For Courtship.

Seahorses are marine animals that are able to change color. There are many reasons for wanting to change skin color: disguise, to frighten predators, to communicate their emotions, and courtship. It’s very difficult to distinguish seahorses from sea algae, soft corals, or sea fans where they usually live.

7. The Pygmy seahorse changes its skin color to camouflage, frighten predators, communicate their emotions, and for courtship.

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