People In New York Can Now Let Their Anger Out By Punching These Bags That Were Set Up Around The CityTranslate

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As New York City Design Week 2019 rocked the Big Apple between May 10 and 22, hundreds of artists and designers flocked to the city to showcase their work. With numerous events, exhibitions, and installations, no wonder thousands of attendees were there to see it all. And while most of the art and design pieces were displayed in predetermined locations like galleries and parks, some branched out to unexpected spaces… like metal poles on the corner of the street.

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Image credits: studio_dtttww

Titled “Public Punching Bags”, the project aims to address how human emotions are exhibited and dealt with in a public setting. “The concept explores designing common spaces for the frustrations we all face [ones] that go beyond designed systems and happen, well, because we are human,” the studio explains.


Image credits: persnicketyfox

The yellow punching bag works as an outlet for those emotions. The team behind donttakethisthewrongway hopes that the project could, perhaps, help people find a healthier way to “address personal and collective issues in a public setting.”


Image credits: cgbam4789

One of the people who had a chance to interact with the installation, took to Instagram to share her thoughts and experiences. “This is AWESOME. I don’t know who to thank for this – OH MY WORD – THANK YOU! We need more of this. A public punching bag!” she wrote under a picture of herself punching the bag.

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