Preacher Carrying ‘You Deserve To Be Raped’ Sign Gets Hit With A Baseball Bat And The Comments Are PricelessTranslate

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How far is too far when it comes to stopping someone spreading hate speech? Hitting them over the head with a baseball bat, apparently. Controversial street preacher Brother Dean Saxton spends his days denouncing homosexuality and holding signs telling women they deserve rape for not being true Christians. A while ago, Brother Dean posted a YouTube video of his demonstration at Apollo High School. There, he used a megaphone to tell students they’re going to hell. A couple of minutes into the video, you can hear him being hit from behind. Brother Dean was able to walk away but he was bleeding from a gash on his head.

But One Of His Demonstrations Was Cut Short When Brother Dean Got Hit With A Baseball Bat

But one of his demonstrations was cut short when Brother Dean got hit with a baseball bat

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But supporters quickly put up two different fundraisers and the combined funds were sufficient to get Tabitha released on June 3rd. As she was awaiting trial, several lawyers offered to represent Tabitha pro bono. In the end, however, Tabitha was jailed for 60 days. Unfortunately, she never got back the $10k bail money that was raised from a supportive community by her ex-partner who posted it.

Later, Saxton kicked Mackenzie Brandt, a University of Arizona criminal justice studies sophomore and was charged with assault himself. This got him banned from campus for a year. When the ban was lifted, Saxton returned preaching about how Muslims are terrorists, homosexuality is a sin, and students who wear yoga pants “deserve rape.”

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