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Life will never run out of riddles and mysteries that make us scratch our heads. A wrinkled egg, an alien-like substance hanging from a tree, or an antique kitchen utensil that you simply don’t know how to use — these things could puzzle anyone. But thanks to the internet you can share the picture of your unsolved mystery with thousands of people, and most likely, get the answer you’re looking for.

Here at GIGGAG we’ve found some curious riddles for you that people were lucky enough to solve thanks to helpful Reddit users.

20. “There Were Thousands Of these Things Along The Hudson River In Peekskill, New York. They Had A very Hard Texture, But Felt Hollow.”

20. “There were thousands of these things along the Hudson River in Peekskill, New York. They had a very hard texture, but felt hollow.”

This is the seed of a water caltrop, or trapa natans. The sharp spines of the plant can cause wounds, and its dense rooted vegetation makes it difficult to swim through it, or cross it by boat.

Have you ever found a thing that looked so unusual you couldn’t guess what it was? Do you have a picture of it? Share your pictures in the comments and let internet users solve the riddle!

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