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The world is beautiful because of its variety, but in Asia it seems to be even more so. Temples that venerate rats like gods, chicken-shaped churches, and restaurants where you eat out of mini-toilets... You can find this and much more in Asia.

Get ready to be amazed by what we at GIGGAG have put together here for you!

16. In the Chinese City Of Guiyang, They Created A unique Waterfall From A height Of 108 m On one Of their Skyscrapers.

16. In the Chinese city of Guiyang, they created a unique waterfall from a height of 108 m on one of their skyscrapers.

China mall introduces 'husband storage' pods where wives can leave them to play retro games while they go shopping https://t.co/kpA21ntkTT pic.twitter.com/RGARFvaHwT

Have you ever been to Asia before? What part of this article impressed you the most and why? We look forward to reading your opinion in the comments!

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