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Game of Thrones fans were up in arms over the ‘Battle at Winterfell’ because they couldn’t see a thing – well in this weeks episode “The Last of the Starks,” the fourth episode (and third-to-last) of the eighth and final season, it appears they saw too much. During a party scene in the better lit episode, fans noticed a prop that didn’t appear to fit in with quasi-medieval realm – a lone Starbucks cup.

Despite the hard work and attention to detail the production designers and their crew put into each episode, it seems someone didn’t have their coffee that day and left the unapproved prop laying in front of Emilia Clarke.

Perhaps A Bit Of Caffeine To Sober Up The Queen After Drinking That Goblet Of Celebratory Wine

Perhaps a bit of caffeine to sober up the queen after drinking that goblet of celebratory wine

Image credits: HBO

Prop mistakes and lighting are not the only features that have caused a buzz among Game of Thrones fans this season. Some of these die-hard viewers have gone so far as to call season 8 the worst season out of all of them, with “Game of Thrones Season 8 Sucks” even trending on Google. So what has the internet so pissed (besides not being able to see)? Many have expressed frustration over lazy writing, saying that they have strayed from the well-thought-out plot points and dialogue that people pulled people in in the earlier seasons; while others add they appear to be rushing towards the end.

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