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If you get goosebumps when hearing about Australia because in your mind, it’s always been associated with something creepy and poisonous, you can relax while reading this article. Our Australia is charming, fluffy, and cuddly, it’s so sweet in fact, that you will completely change your stereotypes and add it onto your must-visit list.

We at GIGGAG love all animals and can’t wait to show this selection to our readers. We also want you to check out our very important bonus.

10. “I am A big Boy, I am On duty Today.”

10. “I am a big boy, I am on duty today.”

Although all the animals in our selection look very adorable and cuddly, we just wanted to remind our readers that if you find an injured or sick wild animal, contact a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible. Wild animals can get very stressed by being handled, so you should seek professional advice before handling an injured animal. In fact, some animals might become dangerous when stressed and kangaroos and koalas are the perfect examples of this.

Do you like cuddly animals? Do you have photos of them to add to our selection? Show them to us in the comment section below.

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