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Scientists say that people are really bad at spotting fake photos. And it is no wonder, since there is so much content flying around and confusing us. With each day it gets harder and harder to find the blurred line between fiction and reality. If you believe that you are a pro in this field and no one is able to fool you — let’s find it out and confirm or belie the scientists’ claim.

GIGGAG is going to reveal 15 fake photos (as well as a bonus with a misleading caption) that made the whole world believe in their reality. And your task is to be honest and count how many times you were one of those naive people.

15. A pilot Who Took A mid-flight Selfie.

15. A pilot who took a mid-flight selfie.

This photo could undoubtedly be awarded the title of “the best selfie ever made.” And despite logic and knowledge people actually believed it. We could mention some facts about plane speed or decompression, but who needs this if the pilot left a clear note on the picture himself.

13. A giant Dog That Weights Over 450 Pounds

13. A giant dog that weights over 450 pounds

Can you imagine living with a dog whose weight was about 450 pounds? If not, you can check the Instagram of Chris Cline who shares the details of his life with his unusual pet. We believe you are going to have a good time looking at their photos. But you should know that they are totally fake, and Chris doesn’t actually even try to hide this fact.

12. Penguins Were Spotted In New York.

12. Penguins were spotted in New York.

Well, yes, the polar vortex brought some difficult times to New York this winter, but it was not so cold that it would make penguins move to this city from Antarctica. This photo is an art work by Robert Jahns who constantly transforms the real world into a dreamy place.

10. Is there Buddha At Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery?

10. Is there Buddha at Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery?

It seems that Buddha is not the only thing that was invented. There is no Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery in China either. The photo shows a pillar located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. If you watched Avatar you probably notice the resemblance to some the landscapes, since the movie creators were inspired by this place.

6. The Moon Is melting Into A waterfall.

6. The moon is melting into a waterfall.

Here is another photo proving that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on the internet. This picture went viral under the following comment, “This is a full moon descending on Angel Falls. For a few days each year, it appears as though the moon is draining through the waterfall.” The truth is that there are no days at all when you can observe this phenomenon.

5. “An elephant Showed Up wanting To help This Lioness.”

5. “An elephant showed up wanting to help this lioness.”

A surprising message was shared by the Kruger National Park account on Twitter. “We were following a lioness carrying her cub & she was getting really tired. The elephant put its trunk down, the cub jumped up & the elephant carried the lion cub!” The picture was retweeted more than 100,000 times, but it was an April Fools’ Day joke.

4. " I think This Is the Power Behind Aerial Photography."

4. " I think this is the power behind aerial photography."

This photographer shared his photo he took using a drone. He noted that sometimes it is not possible to see the true beauty of something until you see it from another perspective. But some people started to doubt if the plane could end up in such a weird position and found out that there is an abandoned plane in Bali, but it is not surrounded by trees.

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