10 Ploys IKEA Uses to Make You Buy Their Stuff

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IKEA stores are like Disneyland for adults: people go there not just to buy furniture, but to have fun and maybe even a little adventure. In this magic place, logical thinking disappears, and people start to fill their shopping carts with completely unnecessary things. As it turns out, the Swedish giant has a few tricks up its sleeve that they use to reprogram the thinking of their customers.

GIGGAG has done a little bit of research and learned about the techniques that this store uses to manipulate its customers. We wrote this article so that you don’t get manipulated the next time you visit an IKEA store.

1. Meatballs Help Sell Furniture.

Gerd Diewald, one of the IKEA managers from the US, says that meatballs are the best sofa-sellers. It is one of the most popular products in the furniture store: every year, customers from all around the world eat about one billion of their meatballs. What is the magic behind this meal?

A hungry customer is a bad customer. This is why the IKEA restaurant is located right in the middle of the store. Marketers know that a good meal makes you kinder and more likely to buy something else.

A big serving of meatballs doesn’t cost a lot, but customers start to feel as if IKEA is a generous store. A low price for the meatballs kind of suggests that all the other products here don’t cost a lot. The store puts your vigilance to sleep using cheap food and after that, here you are at the cash register with a cart full of useless things.

1. Meatballs help sell furniture.

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