15 Messy Festivals That Are Worth Visiting at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Festivals seem to be the coolest way to take a break and step out of your normal life. Do you know any other places where you can smash a stranger with a pillow or hurl a squashed tomato into someone’s face without being fined? These opportunities attract millions of people, and in some cases, these battles are not only full of fun, but also full of messiness.

GIGGAG discovered 15 of the craziest festivals, and we hope this list will help you plan your next vacation.

13. La Tomatina, Spain

Around 120 tons of tomatoes are squashed during the “World’s Biggest Food Fight.” As tomatoes have the acidic “disinfectant” effect, the streets of Bunol (the place where La Tomatina takes place) are considered to be the cleanest in Spain.

There are a lot of different activities you can take part in during this fest (for example, a melon rodeo or melon skiing). There is also a melon weigh-in competition, where you can bring the biggest melon you were able to grow. The current record is about 220 pounds.

13. La Tomatina, Spain

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