15 Messy Festivals That Are Worth Visiting at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Festivals seem to be the coolest way to take a break and step out of your normal life. Do you know any other places where you can smash a stranger with a pillow or hurl a squashed tomato into someone’s face without being fined? These opportunities attract millions of people, and in some cases, these battles are not only full of fun, but also full of messiness.

GIGGAG discovered 15 of the craziest festivals, and we hope this list will help you plan your next vacation.

15. Holi, India

Holi marks the arrival of spring. It is also known as the festival of colors since people throw colorful powder at each other. Each color has its own meaning. Red represents purity, green — vitality, blue — calm, and yellow — pious feelings.

The first Fest was held in 1998. Originally it was a marketing campaign for cosmetics using mud from Boryeong. According to some studies, this mud has even more healing properties than the mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. The 17th Boryeong Mud Festival attracted around 329 million tourists.

15. Holi, India

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