14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

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We all have heard the stereotype that people who wear glasses are smart. According to a study from the University of Edinburgh, there might be some truth to this. According to science, there are many ways a person’s body features can influence on how smart they are. Some are more surprising than others. We might have been right about people who wear glasses being smart but let’s just say a lot of other stereotypes are completely off.

GIGGAG brings you some body parts that science suggests could be a sure sign of higher brain power in people.

14. Average Weight

Weight, however, could make a difference in another way. One study claimed that overweight men and women often had less grey and white brain matter in needed areas than not.

Do you know any features that can showcase intelligence? In addition to that, are there features that you associate with intelligence? Let us know!

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14. Average weight

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