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Legends say that under a thick layer of Russian snow live severe people that never smile, make friends with bears, and wear heavy fur coats. Well, legends are never true, though they might sound interesting. The reality in these cold lands is much more interesting and involves bathing in ice-holes, making snowmen on highways, and going to the navy with your cat while drinking cucumber-flavored Sprite! Want to take a look?

GIGGAG invites you on a wonderful trip around Russia. Sit back and enjoy!

1. Bathing In an ice-hole

1. Bathing in an ice-hole

This custom might seem “crazy” to foreigners, but it’s completely normal in Russia to dive into an ice-hole in January! This is optional, but many people really enjoy it. It is believed that doing this helps to cleanse the body and the spirit, and it relieves one of sins.

21. Waiting For Spring: Maslenitsa

21. Waiting for spring: Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is a Slavic celebration of the end of winter. Maslenitsa is celebrated during the first week of March for 7 days! People bake tons of pancakes that are round, yellow, and hot like the sun, ride horses, and walk in traditional or pagan costumes. At the end of the holiday on Sunday, people say goodbye to Maslenitsa by burning the stuffed figure of winter.

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