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Just in case you ever needed a reminder that our planet is a stunningly beautiful place, the fifth annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition winners have been announced and they don't disappoint.

Selected from a field of nearly 3000 entries taken by 863 photographers, the judges had the difficult task of narrowing them down to eventual winners. The overall photographer of the year, based on a folio submission of at least 4 images, was Adam Gibbs, from Canada.

But what makes a great landscape photographer? Is it persistence? Experience? Luck? Passion?

“Looking at Adam Gibbs’ winning portfolio, we can see a diversity of views, an understanding of light and the expert use of framing and composition,” the judges explained. “From sandy aerials to icy mountain locations, Adam’s portfolio demonstrates a range of topics, an essential component when it comes to convincing our judges that you are the International Landscape Photographer of the Year.”

Adam's skill was perfectly complimented by the rich beauty of his native country, in particular his local area of Vancouver Island. “It is an exceptional place,” he said. “The landscape is rugged, but not in your face and extremely challenging, especially the forests. I love it. However, other than the popular Canadian Rockies, the rest of British Columbia and Canada itself are highly underrated, in my opinion, as prime photo destinations for those seeking raw wilderness experiences.”

Winner of the prize for Landscape Photograph Of The Year, based on a single image, is Paul Marcellini, from the USA. Specializing in Florida scenery, Paul's artistic shot of tree trunks creating an optical illusion in a swamp was simply stunning in its composition. “I seem to love every place I spend some time in, but it is the swamps of Florida that will always be my favorite habitat to explore,” Paul said. “I enjoy the challenge of trying to organize the chaos. It is also a pretty strong bet that I will be the only one out there and the solitude is great!”

Scroll down below to check out other selected wonders from the competition, and bask in the magnificence of Mother Nature. Do you agree with the winning choices? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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#4 Between Waynoka And Enid, Oklahoma, Usa, John Finney

#4 Between Waynoka And Enid, Oklahoma, Usa, John Finney

Welcome to our wonderful Tornado Alley! We have 6 seasons here in Oklahoma! Spring, Tornado, Summer, Tornado, Autumn, and our usually poor confused Winter!! The weather can change up to 30-40 degrees within 12-24 hours, make dressing properly a challenging feat!! Lol The tornadoes are beautiful, fascinating, yet can be extremely devastating. You learn to live with it and also learn when they might be a serious concern. Half the time the sirens go off and everyone goes outside to watch. 😂 If you live out in rural areas however the tornadoes can be seriously scary and destructive.

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