8 Eye-Opening Facts We Didn’t Know About Aviation

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Why are aircraft windows round? Why do airplanes have curved wing tips? Why do passengers always board planes from the left side?

Everything connected with aircrafts is well-planned and thought out. Perhaps it’s the main reason why a plane is the safest way to travel.

GIGGAG will answer the 8 most popular questions about airplanes.

Bonus: Why Are There No stand-up Seats?

They’ll appear soon. During the Aircraft Interiors Expo, an Italian company introduced new seats for ultra-low cost carriers. These seats will allow you to travel standing and the price of these tickets will be 50% lower.

These seats may look inconvenient, but if you’re traveling for less than 2 hours and don’t want to pay huge sums of money, stand-up seats will be just what you need.

Would you like to try a stand-up seat? Do you think it’s a great option? We’d like to know what you think.

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Bonus: Why are there no stand-up seats?

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