8 Eye-Opening Facts We Didn’t Know About Aviation

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Why are aircraft windows round? Why do airplanes have curved wing tips? Why do passengers always board planes from the left side?

Everything connected with aircrafts is well-planned and thought out. Perhaps it’s the main reason why a plane is the safest way to travel.

GIGGAG will answer the 8 most popular questions about airplanes.

4. Why Is the Exit On the Left?

Not all, but the majority of airplanes have the main passenger entrance on the left side. There are 3 theories explaining this fact.

  • Theory #1. The right side is for the luggage (cargo hatches are also on the right), so it’s not safe for passengers.
  • Theory #2. Some people say that it’s a tradition from the past: ship ramps were always on the left.
  • Theory #3. The capitan of an aircraft used to sit on the left. The location of the passenger door allowed them to better park the plane at the passenger area.
4. Why is the exit on the left?

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