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The sense of novelty is one of the brightest feelings. Like the first time you try cocoa, the first time you decorate a Christmas tree, or the first time you see snow after you spend your entire life in a hot country.

GIGGAG is sure that our readers also have something to remember and share when they see the pictures from today’s compilation.

“My daughter Said She Wanted To be on TV At the Age Of 5. She’s Not There Yet, But At 10 she’s Landed Her First Paid Theater Role In a month-long Run Of Fences By August Wilson.”

“My daughter said she wanted to be on TV at the age of 5. She’s not there yet, but at 10 she’s landed her first paid theater role in a month-long run of Fences by August Wilson.”

聴覚障害者の赤ちゃんが、補聴器を使って生まれて初めて母親の声を聞いた時の心が温まる瞬間です。👶 pic.twitter.com/1LioNge2BH

Have you tried anything entirely new this year that you can recommend to other people? Tell us about it!

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