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The things that we use every day become such a huge part of our routines that we seldom notice their simplest features. However, look carefully and you may notice that your favorite items have been designed to do much more than you thought. For example, the little brushes by the side of an escalator are not for polishing your shoes but are actually an interesting safety feature.

GIGGAG has found some day-to-day things that have always had some amazing hidden features that we probably never knew about.

1. The Tiny Button On your Jeans Has Never Been Truly Acknowledged.

1. The tiny button on your jeans has never been truly acknowledged.

These tiny buttons are called rivets and they’re placed on your jeans at areas that are most likely to tear apart from strain or movement. Now you know what’s keeping those pairs of jeans in your wardrobe last forever.

Do they give medals for the world's slowest ketchup? Stat: Heinz Ketchup exits the iconic glass bottle at .028 mph pic.twitter.com/ipH1US0pZ0

This number has been staring at us forever but according to Heinz, only 11% of people know that it has nothing to do with the product label. It’s a sweet spot to tap on to get the sauce onto your plate. So next time you use a bottle, stop banging the bottom of it and try hitting this spot.

8. Most Childproof Prescription Bottles Can Be altered.

8. Most childproof prescription bottles can be altered.

Most plastic medicine bottles come with childproof lids. However, not many people know that all you need to do is turn them upside down and they’re no longer childproof.

It’s important to make sure that this is done only when the medicine bottles are designed for this purpose and you are sure that there will be no children around it.

Ever wonder how you can just type effortlessly without looking at the keyboard? Well, thanks to these small ridges on the “F” and “J” keys, your index fingers can locate other keys with your muscle memory.

10. The Brushes On the Sides Of escalators Aren’t For Polishing Your Shoes.

10. The brushes on the sides of escalators aren’t for polishing your shoes.

You may have been using these escalator brushes to clean your shoes, however, these bristles are actually a big safety feature. One of the biggest reasons for escalator mishaps is people getting their clothes and bags stuck in them when they stand too close to the sides.

These nylon bristles play with your mind and make you keep your feet away from the escalator’s skirt panels, hence avoiding accidents.

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