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Years ago, we've first laid our eyes on the stunning photographs that Jimmy Nelson published in his book "Before They Pass Away" that gave us a look at over 30 vanishing tribes from all around the globe. From Mongolia to Indonesia, Jimmy spent weeks with each tribe to learn their culture and capture it from his point of view.

In 2018, Nelson published his second major project titled "Homage to Humanity". He visited 34 indigenous cultures in five continents, revisiting some from his previous journey. While his first book was a collection of pictures, this time the photographer decided to expand and added travel journals, maps, local facts, and personal interviews, shifting the focus of his story from the objects he captures to the journey itself. 

"When I was 17, I started a journey and it's still the journey that I'm on today," Nelson said. "It's about reconnecting and finding myself. I've dressed it and disguised it with photography and tribes and indigenous cultures, but ultimately it's a very personal journey of wanting to feel and survive and be alive."

In his work, Jimmy explores the idea of reconnecting to our roots and our humanity and he believes that indigenous people play an important role in our perception of ourselves as human beings. That's why he's inviting everyone to join the global discussion on cultural identity. 

In a couple of weeks, Jimmy Nelson is planning to release a movie featuring 1500 photographs, "all stitched together into one amazing journey across the cradle of human culture". 

More info: jimmynelson.com

#2 Yang Shuo Cormorants, China

#2 Yang Shuo Cormorants, China

It looks like scene from some kind of myth or legend. Gloomy river and its guards, peaceful but fierce - if necessary. I love these lanterns - they gives such small amount of light and still it is impressive (I love that most colours here are greyish, that is beautiful). Amazing photo.

#10 Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania

#10 Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania

Such bright colours! They contrast with the rest of the photo in a very beautiful way. I like this landscape in the background and how it looks so empty on the right side and everything on the left. Somehow this makes this photo looks even more balanced and beutiful.

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