12 Facts That Surprise Better Than Any BBC Storylines

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Did you know that on hot summer days, you can often see drunk bees? That one of the most popular fish dishes can cause terrible hallucinations? Or that the man who created Sherlock Holmes managed to solve a few difficult, real-life crime cases? If the answer to all these questions is “no,” then — read on, and prepare to be amazed!

Today, Bright Side presents a selection of incredible facts for you that will surprise even a hardened cynic.

12. On hot Days, You Can Often See Drunk Bees.

On summer days, high temperatures cause flower nectar to ferment. Having tasted the stuff, a bee gets inebriated, behaving almost exactly like a drunk person.

The bee’s flying might become unsteady and the insect may completely forget the way to its hive. However, even if the bee manages to find the road home, a special ’bouncer-bee’ won’t let it in until it sobers up.

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12. On hot days, you can often see drunk bees.

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