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It seems like only a few years ago that life hack videos started going viral, resulting in everyone becoming obsessed with finding shortcuts in everyday tasks. But according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the first use of the term “life hack” with the meaning that we know today was used in 2004.

That’s why in this article, GIGGAG put together some ideas you can use at any time — today or 20 years from now.

10. Bottle Opener

10. Bottle opener

If you’re staying at a hotel and you can’t find a bottle opener, the door will absolutely do the trick.

8. Cleaning Everywhere

8. Cleaning everywhere

Sometimes even the narrowest attachment for a vacuum cleaner can’t do the job. Just use a toilet paper roll and adjust it.

7. Chip Clip

7. Chip clip

If you can’t find a chip clip, you can use something that we all have in the house like a pen, for example.

5. Toothbrush Holder

5. Toothbrush holder

Sometimes hotels don’t provide toothbrush holders, or you are hesitant to use them. You can use a paper cup as a holder.

It can be annoying when curtains don’t want to stay closed. To avoid that, you can use a hanger.

3. Reusable Swiffer Pads

3. Reusable Swiffer pads

If you run out of Swiffer pads, you can use a fuzzy sock and then wash it. Not only does it work like a charm, but it can also help to save a few bucks.

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