20 People Who Didn’t Know Their Tiny Mistake Would Cost Them a Lot

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It’s often said that a mistake repeated more than once is a decision. And we all know that not all decisions are good ones. The good thing is that watching people make funny mistakes is often a great source of entertainment, and perhaps there’s even a lesson to be learned for the bystanders!

GIGGAG knows that humor is a great way to deal with challenging moments in our lives. If you can’t find the humor in your situation, don’t hesitate to look around.

“So my dad Got A new Credit Card And Said He wanted A picture Of him On it. He thought It was Going To be a tiny Picture Like The Previous Card He had So he sent Them A picture Of him And Then Got This.”

“So my dad got a new credit card and said he wanted a picture of him on it. He thought it was going to be a tiny picture like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then got this.”

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