13 Life-Changing Scientific Discoveries Humanity Should Be Proud Of

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Every day, we get closer to a sci-fi future. We already make human cells regenerate to grow new internal organs, grow animals in artificial wombs, and are trying to discover another planet like Earth.

GIGGAG has collected the 13 most important scientific discoveries for the last few years.

3. We’ve Decided To cool The Planet.

Starting from 1980, the temperature on Earth has increased by 30°F each decade. According to the UN’s prediction, our planet will become 36-40°F warmer in 100 years. Ice melting will cause sea levels to rise, coasts will be flooded, and different global cataclysms will occur.

Considering all threats, the members of the UN have decided to implement the Paris agreement. Within this program, countries are obliged to start the process of “decarbonizing” the economy, saving energy, and implementing environmentally friendly technologies.

3. We’ve decided to cool the planet.

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