13 Life-Changing Scientific Discoveries Humanity Should Be Proud Of

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Every day, we get closer to a sci-fi future. We already make human cells regenerate to grow new internal organs, grow animals in artificial wombs, and are trying to discover another planet like Earth.

GIGGAG has collected the 13 most important scientific discoveries for the last few years.

5. We’ve “edited” A human Embryo.

On July 27, 2017, in Portland, scientists opened the doors to a new era in medicine. With the help of CRISPR, they managed to erase a heritable heart condition linked to heart diseases.

Now scientists are able to edit DNA by inserting and removing elements and replacing its parts. The process is so accurate that scientists can try lots of chemical combinations before they perform a certain correction.

Experts from Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind published an article depicting the way they taught AI to get used to changing environments. 3 agents (a headless body, a body with 4 legs, and a 3D human figure) managed to learn parkour in virtual worlds.

This method allows scientists to change AI’s behavior and teach AI to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

5. We’ve “edited” a human embryo.

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