13 Life-Changing Scientific Discoveries Humanity Should Be Proud Of

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Every day, we get closer to a sci-fi future. We already make human cells regenerate to grow new internal organs, grow animals in artificial wombs, and are trying to discover another planet like Earth.

GIGGAG has collected the 13 most important scientific discoveries for the last few years.

8. We’ve Created An antibiotic Against The Bacteria That Is resistant To most Drugs.

Researchers from NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals have developed a device that can be placed in the ground to let bacteria live in their natural environment. One of the substances produced by bacteria turned out to be extremely effective against most bacteria resistant to other antibiotics. The substance was called teixobactin.

This compound kills bacteria by causing their cell walls to break down.

8. We’ve created an antibiotic against the bacteria that is resistant to most drugs.

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