13 Life-Changing Scientific Discoveries Humanity Should Be Proud Of

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Every day, we get closer to a sci-fi future. We already make human cells regenerate to grow new internal organs, grow animals in artificial wombs, and are trying to discover another planet like Earth.

GIGGAG has collected the 13 most important scientific discoveries for the last few years.

9. A tissue That Can Save Living Cells Has Been Printed.

Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have developed a method that lets people print tissue. Cells were placed in the wells of the ink cartridge and the printer was programmed to print them in a certain order. Earlier, the use of this technology was challenging since cells used to die because of lack of oxygen and nutritious substances.

This invention will help scientists grow limbs and internal organs in the future.

9. A tissue that can save living cells has been printed.

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