Man Perfectly Explains Women’s Rage Today Using Brutal Analogy So That All Men Can Finally Understand ItTranslate

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Author A.R. Moxon has recently invited all men to participate in an exercise of empathy. He reframed women’s experiences with assault and sexual violence and presented it in a way that most guys should comprehend… getting kicked in the nuts. At first, it sounds silly but it doesn’t after you read the whole thing.

“I can’t imagine women’s rage today,” Moxon wrote. “But this exercise, while abstract, helped me get nearer to it than I’d been.”

And he couldn’t have come up with it at a better time. As Judge Brett Kavanaugh has just been confirmed to the US Supreme Court, the world has been hit by a huge wave of anger and protest, highlighting the problems that surround sexual abuse and assault. Scroll down to read the analogy and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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