17 Stupefying Photos Where Logic Failed to Appear

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A kids’ slide in the shape of a meat mincer, a washing machine window installed in a staircase, and a student with a typewriter at a lecture — how lucky were these people to capture these instances on film and post them on the Internet? The progress of irrationality in this world keeps growing day by day and very often, all we’re left to do is enjoy the results.

GIGGAG presents to you a collection of photos that have everything but logic in them. Let’s question them and be amazed together.

17. When You Still Haven’t Adjusted To the Modern World:

Have you ever seen a situation when there was something unexplainably strange happening and you regretted not having a camera on hand? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit mazlow / pikabu

17. When you still haven’t adjusted to the modern world:

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