20+ People Who Were Having a Great Day (Until Now)

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Finding your car at the bottom of the swimming pool, watching a seagull steal your ice cream, getting stuck in fresh cement, or being robbed by a bunch of monkeys! It all sounds like a horror movie script, but the heroes of this compilation know what it feels like to see it with your own eyes. Stay with us and see how treacherous luck can be!

GIGGAG has collected a series of pictures of people who have understood what it really means to have a bad day.

24. When You Aren’t The Only One Who Wants To enjoy The Snack:

Which of the people do you sympathize with the most? Have you ever felt so unlucky? Share your impressions and stories in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit virysD / Pikabu, sparks89 / Reddit

24. When you aren’t the only one who wants to enjoy the snack:

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