10+ Genius Tattoos That Reveal All Their Glory Only After Your Extend Your Legs Or ArmsTranslate

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The most infamous optical illusion ‘Rabbit-Duck’ dates back to 1892, but modern day artists have found their own unique ways to trick your eyeballs – two in one tattoos. Through strategic placement, each image comes to life and transforms with the client’s body movement.

Tattooist Vek Van Hillik is one of these illusionists and uses the folds of people’s limbs to hide parts of the design. This allows for the design to appear as one subject when the limb is bent and then transform into a different image when the arm or leg is outstretched. Freehand designing is essential to these hidden images so the artist can change things as they go for a more accurate illusion.

Scroll down below to see some mindbending designs!

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