20+ People Whose Driving License Should Be Suspended ForeverTranslate

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One can encounter a lot of weird people on the road, whose survival instincts seem to be hibernating. And when they are on the same road with you, be prepared for everything.

GIGGAG found 20+ examples of drivers’ illogical and reckless behavior.

It seems Someone’s Morning Did Not Start With Coffee.

It seems someone’s morning did not start with coffee.

Please allow a little extra time citybound on the Northern Mwy this morning with minor delays due to ducks crossing near Tristram Ave. NZ Police are now escorting all to safety. ^TP #becauseitsfriday #nocrashescaused pic.twitter.com/c38jB6lhV5

Have you ever encountered these fails when driving, or maybe you witnessed something really sweet like in our bonus? Tell your stories in the comments below.

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