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When finding a strange thing the purpose of which is unknown, you can feel like an archeologist who just discovered an ancient artifact. After making the discovery, we usually start trying to find out what this gizmo is all about and what it was made for. When Google brings us to a dead end, the best thing left to do is to ask internet users for help. It is thanks to them that we found out how an ancient hearing aid and the fallen spines of sea urchins looked, as well as what a creature with a Y-shaped head is called.

GIGGAG collected 19 unusual things that we wouldn’t have been able to guess the purpose of without the help of online users.

10. “Found This In the Mississippi River While Kayaking. I think It’s Some Kind Of fungus But I’ve Never Seen This In my life.”

10. “Found this in the Mississippi River while kayaking. I think it’s some kind of fungus but I’ve never seen this in my life.”

It’s Bryozoa — a type of invertebrate animal. These are aquatic and colonial moss creatures. The colonies of Bryozoa can cover the square of more than 10 sq ft. Their colonies have many forms: some grow on reachable surfaces (stones, shells, or seaweeds) in the form of crusts and lumps, while others can have forms of fans, bushes, and sheets.

19. “What Is this Helicopter Used For?”

19. “What is this helicopter used for?”

It’s Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The helicopter in the photo was designed for transporting military tanks. But, in fact, it can be used to carry any heavy object because this machine can lift up to 42,000 lb.

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