People Are Sharing Pics Of Boyfriends “Forced” To Take Perfect Pictures Of Their Girlfriends (New Pics)Translate

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Social media envy, if you're among the 81% of young adults (18-24) that use Instagram daily you've definitely felt it. The constant stream of glossy perfectly posed candids of girls sitting among a field of flowers is enough to make anyone green, but how do they do it? The answer - a personal photographer.

Yes, Instagram beauties across the platform have been relying on their boyfriends' as their personal photographers to achieve the perfect shot. But once hidden behind a lense these men no longer live in the shadows, thanks to the Instagram and Facebook accounts “Boyfriends of Instagram." The pages post photos people have shared of boyfriends' going to some pretty impressive lengths to photograph their girlfriends'. From sitting on each other's shoulders to literally bending over backward, no shot is too much of a challenge. Created by two anonymous Australian men, the Instagram account has wracked up 137k followers. Scroll down below to see some of these hilarious photography poses! And don't forget to upvote your faves!



The women show evolution from sea dwellers to clothed primate. The men just hung about in board shorts all the while. Lol!



Compared to the others, this one seems OK: At least she's doing more than he is! :)



Did she just kick herself in the butt mid-flight? That's a difficult move...

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