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It's hard to imagine what the internet would be like without the most-used Google search engine. It handles more than three billion searches each day, but do we all know how to use it well? As it turns out Google has some tricks that not everyone knows about.

To make searching for information online a little bit easier you should memorize these simple tricks, such as replacing unknown words in a phrase with an asterisk or using a hyphen to remove words from your search.
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I found this out when searching for college Admissions websites. It was easier to Google "schoolnamespaceAdmissions" than to go to the site & look for Admissions. I send transcripts out as part of my job It's unbelievable how difficult some colleges make it to find their Admissions Dept. site. I would think that would show up before anything else! I've applied this to other websites since, and it works so much better.



WHAT??? You search for flight information by entering in your flight information??? What will they think of next????



I guess it can technically be 12 Google search tricks as there are 12 tricks listed but the last 2 are the same. I guess 12 sounds better than 11.

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