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There is so much about the world we live in that is still a mystery to us. We have no idea about the extinct animals that inhibited our planet millions of years ago and we have no clue how many peculiar sightings there are.

We at GIGGAG collected 18 images of the most puzzling things Earth has to offer, whether it’s the world around us or our own body.

2. Marie Curie’s Notebooks Are Still Radioactive.

2. Marie Curie’s notebooks are still radioactive.

Marie Curie, or as she is often called, “the mother of modern physics,” died of aplastic anemia. She became ill with this rare disease, associated with contamination by radioactive substances, during experiments that helped to discover polonium and radium.
More than a hundred years have passed and the personal belongings of the famous scientist are still contaminated with radioactive substances. They are considered to be the national treasure of France and are kept in lead-protected boxes at the National Library in Paris.

3. That’s Our Nervous System.

3. That’s our nervous system.

The human spinal cord, which averages 44 cm in length, is made up of approximately 13.5 million neurons. All messages, transmitted from the brain to other parts of the body and back, pass through the spinal cord.

4. This Is the Largest Flower Known To humans.

4. This is the largest flower known to humans.

Its name is Rafflesia and it looks like a painting. It doesn’t have leaves, roots, or even a stem. It’s actually a jungle parasite that can grow up to a meter in diameter.

Shanay-Timpishka is a tributary of the Amazon called “the only boiling lake in the world.” Although the length of this river is only 6.4 km, it’s known for its high temperatures ranging from 45°C to almost 100°C. The name Kampa means “Warmed by the heat of the sun,” but most likely the root cause of the temperature is a geothermal spring.

15. These Random Fireballs Appear To rise From The Water In Thailand.

15. These random fireballs appear to rise from the water in Thailand.

This phenomenon lies in the fact that glowing balls rise from the depths of the river, looking like reddish chicken eggs. The balls rise for 10-20 meters above the river and then disappear.

Scientists have discovered the world's oldest color. It's bright pink -- the color of bubble gum, flamingos and cotton candy https://t.co/3L8Plysosl pic.twitter.com/AHXMawcKm5

This color was found in the rocks of the Sahara Desert and it ranges from red to deep purple when concentrated, but goes to bright pink when diluted.

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