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Although homosexuality in 21th century has made its way to laws, weddings and even Oscar movies, it´s still criminalized and banned in many countries around the world, and there are still many who believe that homosexuality is pure evil or some kind of a disease. Here are 15 interesting, funny and even entirely shocking things you probably didn´t know about homosexuality.

1. Approximately 5% of world population claims to be homosexual. It is, however, believed that the actual numbers are much higher due to the fact that being gay or lesbian is officially banned and criminalized in many societies.

2. Homosexuality is still perceived as a criminal act in 72 countries around the world. Most of them are located in Africa, Middle East and South Asia

3. Eight countries punish homosexuality with death penalty. Some of them, however, don´t use this harsh practice anymore. Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran are among the countries who really do apply capital punishment.

3. It is estimated that approximately 8.8 million gays and lesbians reside in the U.S. today. Around 1 million American children are raised by same-sex parents.

4. Superstition about left-handed men being often gay is obviously based on reality. There really is abundance of left-handed men among gays! No study has yet proven why.

5. Although many have tried, no study or scientific program has yet revealed what causes homosexuality. One of the most bizarre theories originated in 8th century and claimed that homosexuality takes place when mothers eat celery while nursing their babies.

6. Before being renamed to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in 1982, AIDS was known as Gay Related Immune Disorder (GRID).   

7. Homosexuality occurs in animal kingdom too – it was observed among 1,500 animal species all around the world! One entire species of chimpanzee is believed to be bisexual. Even mighty lions were spotted to present homosexual behavior. In general, it´s believed that animals living in herds are more prone to homosexual acts.

8. Gay dating  all around the world thrives in the virtual space online. Some estimates state that around 70-percent of all homosexual relationships start on the internet.

9. Notoriously famous LGBT “Rainbow flag” originally had 8 stripes – pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They were representing sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. Pink was dropped out because it was not commercially available in flags production. Later on, indigo stripe was left out upon the murder of Harvey Milk, one of the community´s famous representatives in 1978, so that the flag had even number of stripes.

10. In 338BC, Macedonian king Philip II along his son Alexander annihilated one of the most feared and deadly army units of Ancient times. It was know as the Sacred Band and all of its 300 members were gay.

11. First European country to decriminalize homosexuality was France. It happened in 1791 under the Penal Code adopted during the famous French Revolution.

12. In the course of history, there were many bizarre and drastic methods developed in order to turn homosexual into heterosexual. One of the most horrifying “therapy” included inducing electric shocks to “patients”. Electroconvulsive therapy caused seizures with terrible side effects such as temporary or permanent memory loss.

13. According to statistics, 1 of 5 LGBT people experience some kind of bullying, conflicts or crimes related directly to their sexuality every year...

14. ...and 4 out of 5 LGBT people who were victims of hate crime decide not to file official report about it.

15. As a result of homophobia, it´s estimated that around 30 to 40 percent of gay people attempted suicide in their youth.    

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