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So you´ve just met a beautiful young woman. You flirted briefly and arranged for another meeting. And that´s when you suddenly realize that the women you´re about to date is married! Should you run away, change your number and move to another state? Don´t panic. All you need to know is THIS set of insiders´ tips for dating married women.

1. Choose Locations Wisely

1.  Choose locations wisely
When you´re dating married woman, choosing your locations smartly is crucial. Obviously, the last thing you want to happen is being spotted by your lady´s husband or his friends and relatives. The safest option you have is to meet in a complete privacy and always arrive and depart separately. Another viable option is meeting out of some reasonable radius around your residences and workplaces. Have a dinner in neighboring city, take a stroll in nature where your close ones never go. Although these precautions are pretty limiting, believe those more experienced that they´re absolutely necessary.

2. Set Boundaries And Keep Your Distance

2. Set boundaries and keep your distance
Though it´s understandable that you have some feelings towards your married girlfriend, if you want to survive this relationship unhurt, you should remember to keep your distance. Don´t fall your head over heels, and stop dreaming about becoming anything more than a secret lover you are. Though there are many instances when married women really leave their husbands for their lovers, but most of the time this is not going to happen. Talk to your partner face-to-face about her expectations and needs. Set some basic boundaries and enjoy your relationship as it is. If you keep wanting more than you´re getting, it´s probably time to find someone single.

3. Be “the Thing” She´s Missing

3. Be “the thing” she´s missing
It´s a widely known and accepted truth: every cheater is looking for something he´s missing at home. So, whether your married lover meets you just to spice up her sexual life, or she´s looking for a real love and support, if you want to maintain the relationship in a long run, you should know exactly what she wants and keep giving it to her. But no matter how hard you try, it´s also quite possible that your girlfriend will sooner or later want something (and someone) else. Don´t get too frustrated, married women are just humans too...

4. Don´t Interfere With Her “official” Life

4. Don´t interfere with her “official” life
However tempting and exciting it might appear, you really have to stop the urge to meet your married lover´s kids, friends or siblings. Seriously. It´s not a good idea even if you know that you ´ve learned that you listen to the same music or love the same football team. Actually, it´s not good idea even if your married mistress suggests it herself! If you need some more explanation, return to number 2. Keeping your distance is really important. Also, you never know how trustworthy those people really are. Sometimes it takes just one small quarrel, and your lover´s best friend goes straight to her hubby and ruins it all…

5. Don´t Commit To Someone Who Won´t Commit To You

5. Don´t commit to someone who won´t commit to you
Your married girlfriend is NOT exclusively yours. You meet, have some fun, kiss goodbye, and then she returns home to her husband and normal life. In fact, it´s quite possible you´re not even her only paramour! Why would you want to waste the chance to meet someone else for her? If there´s any adjective describing extramarital relationships precisely, it´s ´temporary´. Don´t hang on to it like there were no other fish in the sea. You might find yourself ending up alone and lonely in the end.

6. Meet Married Women Online

6. Meet married women online
Maybe you´ve got it the other way around. Instead of looking for advice how to survive an accidental affair with someone´s wife, you are intentionally willing to experience it! If you´re not sure where to search for ladies craving an affair, you should head online. Popular dating websites usually have dedicated sites for those who want to be dating a married woman. You´ll save yourself from an embarrassment of being rejected by a devoted spouse. And you´ll also have safe and secure environment for getting to know your partner before committing to anything personal.

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