European Countries Unite And Send Their Firefighters To Help Sweden In Catastrophic FiresTranslate

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For the past few weeks, Sweden has been experiencing an intense heatwave. Temperatures have reached over 32 C throughout the Nordic region and there has been no substantial rain for weeks, which has resulted in disaster. All across the country, many forest fires began to blaze.
As Sweden struggled to battle some of the worst wildfires the country has ever experienced, other European countries decided to lend a helping hand. Italy and France joined the battle with water bombing planes, Lithuania and Germany sent over their firefighting helicopters. Poland and Denmark sent firefighters and vehicles. Austria and Portugal also offered support.
The raging fires have already claimed hundreds of hectares of forest. The Swedish Forestry Agency has estimated that $67 million kronor worth of damage has been caused by the fires, with around 2 million square meters of forest destroyed. So Swedes couldn’t be happier when the help arrived. People gathered in the streets to wave at the firefighters to express their gratitude.

Hopefully, with all the support Sweden received the raging fires will soon be extinguished!

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