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Copper, a 4-year-old Doberman, is a certified service and emotional support dog and best friend for 10-year-old Connor from Fairport, N.Y.

In 2016 Connor was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, chronic headache disorder, and had nocturnal seizures as a result of uncontrolled anxiety. The dog was a huge help in controlling the seizures, as he was the first who noticed and alerted Jennifer Jayne, Connor’s mom, about them.

In December 2017 Copper started slightly limping and in recent months he started having trouble walking. Veterinarians believe it could be Wobbler Disease, which affects the spine and discs. The tests and treatments are incredibly expensive, so Connor decided to sell his toys to help with the costs. “He went and cleaned out his entire playroom and because that’s what he wanted,” Jennifer said. “He said the dog was more important than any toys.”

Copper is currently undergoing laser therapy to improve his mobility and the family is hoping for the best.

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