9 Anomalies Proving That Nature Can Beat Anyone — Just Look at Its Power

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It seems that modern science has an explanation for everything that happens around us. But as it turns out, nature has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve like lakes that disappear overnight, raining fish and other amazing things that are so scary and impressive, people often try to provide explanations for them that are far from correct.

GIGGAG invites you to take a look at these amazing natural phenomenon and anomalies that still can’t be explained by scientists. You can try to look for explanations as you go — take a stab at the crazy anomaly we’ve prepared in the bonus!

8. “Thunderbolt”

This phenomenon used to scare ancient people. The place where lightning strikes is sometimes electrified, so it can injure or even kill a person.

Before, such areas were considered to be very dangerous but modern research suggests that the dangerous electricity disappears within several minutes. But this doesn’t mean that you should risk your life and ignore safety precautions.

8. “Thunderbolt”

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