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Sometimes, being at the right place at the right time with a camera on hand is a pure blessing. Some people that believe in fate or religion are convinced that everything happens for a reason. Some believe that there are no coincidences while others think that random events aren’t an act of fate no matter how bizarre they may seem.

Wherever your beliefs lie, GIGGAG has collected a list of rare sights caught on camera that can only be seen once in a lifetime.

4. Purple Wood

4. Purple wood

This is a type of rare tree called Peltogyne Purpurea or purpleheart wood. These trees originate from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama. The external wood is usually a light brown color and the middle of the tree is usually a vibrant purple color with dark stripes.

Purpleheart wood is famous for making up floors, furniture, structural elements, and architectural finishes due to its physical and mechanical properties.

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