Internet Holds Its Breath As Raccoon Climbs A Skyscraper, And It Gets Scarier And Scarier With Every PicTranslate

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A daring raccoon has captured the imagination of the nation and become an internet sensation after a perilous climb up the side of a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Beginning on a tuesday morning, the adventourous animal began it’s slow ascent as people began to worry about its safety. What if it gets tired? Loses its grip and plummets to earth? The hashtag #mprraccoon began to spread, and the internet held its collective breath as the raccoon stopped for some time on a ledge near the top. The windows were not able to be opened, and people feared that the poor little fella was exhausted.

Not so. Our hero was just taking a breather and grooming himself for the big moment when he arrived at the top.

The city’s safety department set live traps on the roof, with plenty of food for the intrepid climber, who is sure to be hungry after his journey. The raccoon arrived on the roof at around 03.00 am, and it is as yet unclear whether they have managed to catch him so he can be safely returned to ground level. The world awaits.

The raccoon has inspired a host of artworks, memes and even has its own Twitter profile with thousands of followers. Perhaps our new hero can even go some way to giving ‘trash pandas,’ as they are sometimes called, a better image!

Scroll down to check out how it all unfolded below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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