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Do you keep your family photos? Some people think that the photos where we look like Marge Simpson should not be shown to anyone. But the people who are not ashamed of showing their funny or strange photos from their family archives are awesome. Without them we would never see those photos that make us think, “What’s going on here?”

GIGGAG has collected some unusual family photos that will make you laugh, surprise you, and make you nostalgic about the past.

“There Are A few More With Bizarre Outfits, But I Think This Is probably The Worst Of all.”

“There are a few more with bizarre outfits, but I think this is probably the worst of all.”

“This photo was taken around 1999. I was studying at the School of Art and the teacher wanted us to create a story based on photos. Some students went to the countryside, others to the sea... I was too busy paying attention to my teenage hormones and I ran out of time to do my homework, so I decided it’d be a good idea to just take some pictures of myself in my bathtub dressed as... God knows!”

“I asked My dad Why He grew His Mustache Like That He just Said That He saw A Led Zeppelin Album With Old Soldiers On it and One Of the Soldiers Had A mustache Like That So he just Copied it. Needless To say, My mom Hated The Mustache.”

“I asked my dad why he grew his mustache like that he just said that he saw a Led Zeppelin album with old soldiers on it and one of the soldiers had a mustache like that so he just copied it. Needless to say, my mom hated the mustache.”

We really wanted to look through our albums to find something like this. We’re sure that almost everyone has a photo from kindergarten wearing a strange costume. You must have something like this too. Share it in the comment section below!

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