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When we learn other people’s touching and sincere stories, we become more attentive and sympathetic to their surroundings. For instance, when you see how an elderly woman describes the sculptures in a museum to her blind husband in detail, you instantly get a strong desire to see your parents and hug them. Here, you will find stories of simple people that can touch the deepest strings of your soul and warm your heart.

GIGGAG collected 23 stories that will touch your heart and probably make you shed a tear.

1. “1940s — My great-grandfather Holding My grandmother. Both Are Now 74 and 103, Respectively, And Are Both Happy And Healthy.”

1. “1940s — My great-grandfather holding my grandmother. Both are now 74 and 103, respectively, and are both happy and healthy.”

Have you ever been a volunteer in a nursing home, lived in Bangladesh, or worked in a Michelin-star restaurant in Paris? Would you like to tell the whole world why it is so important to meet your friends and family at the airport? We would be glad to read your stories and thoughts in the comments!

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